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Here are few tips, what to bring on our rafting trips on Cetina river. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask. Before the start of your rafting trip, you will be able to leave your personal stuff in our transport car & that car will be waiting for you at the finish point. Here is a list of required and recommended things that will make your trip on Cetina river more comfortable and safer.

Rafting checklist

Swimsuit or shorts, T-shirt in light colors (not cotton clothing), Sunblock & lip balm, Sunglasses with straps (not necessary), Hat or sun visor (recommended), A pair of old sneakers,beach shoes or go barefoot (avoid crocs or flip-flops), Small dry bag for cell phone or car keys (not necessary), Personal medications if necessary, Towel & change of clothes for your drive back.

No extra charges

We provide: Comfortable equipment, life jacket & helmet, Rafting paddles, neoprene suits, Big community dry bag for your personal stuff, First Aid kit & safety throw bag, Free Light food, snacks & drinks, Free HD video + photos of your trip, Safety instructions & short rafting training course, Led headlamps for caving, Safety insurance, Free Transfer.

No more stinky equipment

All used equipment, life jackets, helmets and neoprene suits are washed and disinfected after every usage for your maximum safety and skin protection.

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