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explore enchanting cave hidden

behind a waterfall

explore hidden cave

Boost your Cetina rafting experience

Explore enchanting cave hidden behind a waterfall, swim in cold spring water, drink water directly from the waterfall. Definitely the highlight of this tour, as well as the ultimate adrenaline boost. This cave with its stalagmites and stalactites is one of the most beautiful hidden treasures of the river Cetina. 

Become a speleologist for a moment

Sometimes the cave is inaccessible, mostly in early spring and late autumn due to higher water levels. In these circumstances, we use the standard alternative footpath. Depending on the physical condition or visitors age, the tour guide will advise you which way to go.

Safety first

You will get all the necessary safety equipment and advice to make your visit to the cave completely safe and comfortable. We also provide waterproof head LED lamps.

In this part of the tour, you are not required to participate,

you can always use the alternative footpath.

I'm curious. Take me to the next part of the adventure

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